People are speedrunning on the New Google Doodle

The record stands at 11 seconds.


During the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics games, Google unsurprisingly updated its logo to commemorate the event. What many people didn`t expect was just how much work went into the Google Doodle, as it was not just a standard logo change – it was an actual RPG with several anime-inspired cutscenes.


Monster Legends


It`s still accessible through Google`s homepage. The game has players taking control of LuckyThe Cat. Lucky is able to talk to other characters, and play minigames. As with any game, speedrunning is an integral part of the game`s launch. The race is on to see who can run the fastest time in any of the minigames. The current record is 11 seconds.


Dragons Rise of Berk


The 11-second record was achieved by three runners: ExaminationMassive95, stratpat1964, and dishadow99. The times were shared to r/speedrunand were used to cover the climbing minigamethat is available in the RPG. This category race is very close to the record of 12 seconds.


best basketball


The 2020 Olympics celebration isn`t the only Google Doodle that`s amassed a speedrunning community. An arcade game has been added to the Google homepage to commemorate the 30th anniversary Pac-Man. Some players still compete to earn the most points, with some trying to be the fastest. It`s definitely a well-optimized race, considering that the difference between records on the leaderboards lies in milliseconds. The world record at just 46 seconds, and the world record being 567 milliseconds.



The Tokyo Olympics Google Doodle was not able to be included in this year`s Summer Games Done Quick. The event featured more than 100 speedrunsin all kinds of gamesand, like every year, it raised funds to Doctors Without Borders. Although it was relegated to a virtual event instead of the live-streamed eventhowever, the speedrunning crowd generated $2,897,000 for charity- the third-highest amount ever collected by the event.