How to Choose Modern Sliding Barn Doors and Hardware (Styles, Finishes, Materials and Function)

A unique, effective and trendy way of saving space, barn door with stainless steel hardware can be used in the following applications:

  1. Your home

  2. Your business

  3. Garage doors

  4. Cabinet doors (mini hardware)

  5. Heavy duty doors for commercial applications

There are more applications, though we won’t list them all here. Specific hardware is available for each and every application. To get the kit that best fits your space, you have to measure the dimensions, and order a kit with those exact measurements.

You can get a lockable barn door hardware kit or a non-locking barn door hardware kit. As an accessory, you can even custom-install a security lock.

Barn Door Privacy Lock

Barn Door Hardware Finishes

When it comes to the style and material of your door, get creative! There are many different patterns and finishes you can choose – heck, if you’re a DIY person, you can even make your own custom patterns.

Barn doors are available in the following styles:

  1. Flush

  2. Wood

  3. Glass

  4. Window panes

  5. Painted/colored

  6. Wood grain

Of course, when it comes to interior design, harmony is key. You don’t want elements that clash with each other.

When you’ve decided on your modern stainless steel barn door hardware, the next step is to choose the hardware that supports it. A hardware kit contains, among other support parts, a track, a roller, and hangers.

The doors and their hardware must complement each other. It’s worth noting that barn door specialists can be divided into roughly 2 categories:

  1. Door specialists, and

  2. Hardware specialists.

When you talk to hardware specialists, tell them the material, finish and style of your door. In return, they’ll find you the matching hardware.

There can actually be several types and brands of hardware to suit your door. Which one you ultimately choose depends on your budget, your desired functionality, and the application of your door.

While you could do all the online research yourself, in an ideal situation, the hardware specialist will have taken care of that for you. You don’t have to worry about low-cost products that turn out expensive in maintenance. The specialists have already chosen for your high-quality, made-to-order hardware kits with an assurance of durability and safety.

These brands are the best sources of hardware kits, especially made of any of the following materials:

  1. Black steel (traditional style) – Made in the USA

  2. Brushed steel – Made in the USA

  3. Machined Copper – Made in the USA

  4. Bronze – Made in the USA

  5. Stainless steel – Different selections made in the USA and Germany

  6. Stainless steel brushed matte – Made in Germany

Loki by KrownLab Aluminum Barn Door Hardware

A specialist may recommend previewing the designs on an online store. Take a look, and choose what you like best. After that, whether you’re ordering the kit for double doors, bi-parting doors or even a single door, you’re all set! You’ll get the hardware kit you want, perfectly customized to your planning and design needs.

We’ve saved you the valuable time researching hardware specialists for you. As noted at Soft Close Barn Door Hardware, is a boutique made-to-order hardware store, and a barn door hardware consultancy, all under one roof.