Household Germs in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Household Germs in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Household germs can be concealing GOOD where in the home?! As a caring mother,you probably take it up your sleeve to address each and every visible germ you can possibly think of. But what if told that some of your favorite gray spots in the house may not even be visible on your scope? Here are several of the nastiest hidden spots for germs to proliferate in the house,according to WebMD

Household Germs

Bathrooms and kitchens are often among the first places household germs regular. This is a result of the fact that these two rooms typically have tight,enclosed places,which are ideal hiding spots for the germs and bacteria. Be sure that you inspect the counter tops,flooring,hand rails and floor finishes for possible breeding grounds for disease-causing organisms. Tight,enclosed spaces such as these can also be utilised as bathrooms,which should be kept squeaky clean at all times.

Countertops are usually a hidden source of household germs,as they provide a good hiding spot. Countertop soaps,particularly if they contain scents or chemicals,can leave behind chemical residue that can be tracked back to your loved ones. Make sure that if you buy a new countertop soap,you always read the product instructions and adhere to all safety precautions for soapy cleaning. You do not want to end up putting all kinds of harmful chemicals onto your counters. If you are unsure about how to proceed,seek professional advice.

Dishwashers are just another sneaky spot for household germs. These are the areas where food comes out of the kitchen sink or dishwasher and goes to the cleaning system,which then re-contaminate the water. Stainless steel made dishwashers are far more prone to contamination than other forms of dishwashers,so you should always sanitize your dishes after each use with a disinfectant. Dishwasher detergents can leave compounds and bacteria behind on dishes,so you should be very wary of putting any in your dishwasher. Be careful though; some soaps,dishwashing liquids and dishwashing foam may be toxic to humans.

To keep your kitchen the cleanest it can be,scrub everything with a kitchen sponge. It’s not only among the dirtiest tools,but it is also one of the best. Scrubbing the kitchen sponge down with water may eliminate a lot of dirt and kitchen germs. Try to scrub in long,even strokes rather than scrubbing at a rapid circular motion.

The top surfaces of all appliances and countertops are probably going to be the dirtiest surfaces in your house. You can not go too far without leaving a trace of dirt or kitchen germs behind. Countertops,appliances,the stovetop and cooker bottom can be easily cleaned with bleach. Bleach isn’t only for cleaning up messes though; it can also be used to kill germs and disinfect surfaces. If there is any kind of metal in the kitchen that’s been touched by a dirty object or used as a coating for food,then you need to think about using bleach to disinfect.

You probably would not think about your bathroom faucet,but sinks and bathtubs are filled with household germs. This may come as a surprise,but the faucet you are using to clean your hands,or the faucet you are using to fill up your glass container,are all places that commonly harbor kitchen sponges,soap scum and other nasty substances. Using a vinegar solution for household germs is a excellent way to sanitize the sink,bathtub and other regions that are often used. With a household bleach solution on countertops is also a fantastic idea if you want to get rid of soap scum from your countertops. Both of these solutions should be purchased from a respectable home store or department store.

Dishwashers are usually the dirtiest of all fixtures in the kitchen. The fact that they’re in contact with food daily does not help things when it comes to keeping them clean. Dishwashers using a sanitizer spray on the dishes also make for quite dirty dishes,but if you’re tired of dealing with dishes that smell like they have been used in a dirty dishwasher,then this option may be perfect for you. For the bathroom,there is only 1 option,so bear that in mind. If you have the luxury of a washer that cleans both the inside and out,then you’re in luck; otherwise you need to do away with this washer and find a different one to keep your bathroom clean.