Common Tree Trimming Faults That Property Owners Make

Tree trimming can be an extremely challenging task and homeowners often make mistakes when they attempt to do it on their own. If you choose to hire a tree service company for assistance with your tree maintenance the majority of them will offer advice on how to care for your trees. Many people choose not to work with an arborist just to save money.

This blog will highlight three common errors homeowners make when trimming their trees.

Safety isn`t given enough attention

When you`re trimming trees, it`s crucial to pay attention to safety. For example, there are numerous dangers that could occur while working with a chainsaw such as losing control over the saw or misjudging the direction in which the tree`s branch will fall.

It`s important to follow these steps when working on your own.

  • Take extra care when working with chainssaws or other heavy equipment that can cause injuries if handled incorrectly or defective.
  • Protective gear, such as gloves and goggles is vital to shield your hands and eyes from injuries.
  • Before starting the task, make sure you have an appropriate ladder.
  • If you are using the electric chainsaw you should be aware of power lines nearby
  • Make use of common sense. If it`s unsafe to do not do it! Chainsaws can inflict serious injuries so it is essential to be cautious and use common sense.
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Too little

Trimming too little could cause weaker branches which , in turn, could, lead to other tree dangers for limbs. If your tree isn`t growing enough new growth, it might struggle to endure extreme winds and winter storms caused by the change in seasons.

Safety is also a concern. Old limbs should be removed from the tops of trees in order to avoid falling over power lines and properties below.

Too much trimming

If you trim too much, it could leave the tree with a lack of foliage, which means that it is unable to produce enough food.

The absence of food production can make the tree more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Trees need to be able to produce enough food to store it in their roots in winter , when there`s less sunshine and rainfall. It`s important to make sure the tree has a healthy balance between branches, foliage, and trunk volume.

The reason why it is beneficial to work with an arborist

A tree service company will supply you with the tools you require and help you safely use them.

Arborists also know how to trim your trees so that they look neat and tidy without being too strict. Arborists are trained to identify the dimensions of branches that need to be cut as well as the proper way to trim them.

If you decide to decide to do yourself tree trimming, be sure to pay attention to these tips to prevent harm to yourself or your trees.